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Cured dry sausage, rich in proteins, and low in fat.

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This is a typical Catalan dry sausage! Very soft, extra lean, protein-rich with this unique aromatic flavour, very specific to Catalonia, it can be eaten during a meal or as a snack.
Phase: 1
Weight: 160 g
Unit weight: 40 g
Portion: 4
Lean pork, salt, dextrin, species, lactose (milk), acidity corrector (E331iii), antioxidant (E316), conservative (E252 and E250), coloring (E120).
100gPer serving%TEI
Energy value (kcal)276110
Energy value (kJ)1163465
Fat (g)6,52,621%
Saturated fatty acids (g)1,20,5
Carbohydrates ( g)2,61,04%
Sugars (g)1,40,6
Fibres (g)0,1
Proteins (g)51,520,675%
Salt (g)3,101,24
Milk and products thereof (including lactose)
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