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Evolution Range

Crispy-Choc bar 5 servings of 35 g
Indian-style turkey 1 servings of 300 g
Beef meatball Tagine 1 servings of 300 g
Chicken with vegetables and quinoa 1 servings of 300 g
Moroccan style chicken 1 servings of 300 g
Tuna salad 1 servings of 270 g
Muesli 6 servings of 20 g
Spicy beef-flavoured sauted noodles wok 5 servings of 60 g
Red fruit flavoured smoothie 5 servings of 58 g
Vegetarian spicy spaghetti bolognese 5 servings of 60 g
Apricot spread  
Strawberry spread  
Thai sweet chili flavoured chips  
Sour cream & onion flavoured chips  
Chocolate topping biscuits 6 servings of 44 g
Apple cinnamon biscuits 6 servings of 40 g
Chocolate coated toast  
Orange peels biscuits  
"Petit-beurre" style biscuits 6 servings of 28 g
Caramel flavoured crispy bar 5 servings of 40 g