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Important Information:

1. Australian Government Regulations allow the importation of food for personal consumption of up to 10 kilos per consignment. Consequently the maximum weight of any consignment is 10 kilos. If the weight of your order exceeds 10 kilos you will be contacted and asked to reduce the order.

2. Australian Government Regulations allow the importation of food products containing more than 10% egg of up to 1 kilo per consignment. If your order contains products with more than 10% egg that exceed 1 kilo in total you will be contacted and asked to reduce the number of these products.

3. Freight and Delivery : All prices include freight and delivery from Luxembourg to any residential address in an Australian Capital City. A surcharge of $10.00 applies to orders delivered outside these locations.

4. Eurodiet Food Products are manufactured to the highest standards in a number of European Countries for Protein System SA. Protein System SA is a Luxembourg based company which owns the Eurodiet manufacturing system and intellectual property.

5. Minimum Order : Because the cost of freight and delivery is included in the price of Eurodiet products it is necessary to have a minimum order of $350.00 per consignment. There is no maximum subject to the maximum weight for consignment of 10 kilos and the total maximum for products containing more than 10% eggs of 1 kilo per consignment. You need to be aware however that orders exceeding $1,000.00 will be subject to GST and customs duty which together will be approximately 17%. This means an order of $1,000.00 would have $170.00 extra in government charges. We suggest that if you wish to order Eurodiet products in excess of $1,000.00 that you do a number of orders on different days such that the individual orders are below $1,000.00.

6. Queries : If you have any queries regarding orders please contact one of our consultants on 1300 Eurodiet (1300 3876 3438) and they will be pleased to assist.


Currency and GST:

All prices include freight and delivery, and are quoted in Australian Dollars ($AU).


Refund Policy:

Where a charge is made for goods which are not included in a consignment the amount charged for the goods will be refunded in full.


Shipping and Delivery Policies:

The price of the goods (subject to a minimum purchase of $350.00) includes shipping and delivery to any Australian Capital City. Where delivery is required to an address outside of an Australian Capital an extra fee of $10.00 is payable (post code check).

Delivery of goods will normally be made within seven (7) days of placement of orders.

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