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Daniela (Germany) : I lost 68kg: a new life!


Decision making

I will never forget the day I arrived at the dietician for the first time, when I discovered that I had a BMI of 45 ... A few weeks earlier, I was on vacation in Copenhagen with my mother. We were in an amusement park and I did not dare to make an attraction for fear of not getting into the seat. I then realized that my weight was a daily obstacle, especially since I was close to having diabetes. So I decided to take charge.

The Eurodiet program

When I started the Eurodiet program, I managed to lose weight easily because the diet is simple to follow. It is mainly composed of high-protein products, meal replacements and vegetables. I felt hunger only the first days but as soon as the body goes into ketosis, the feeling of hunger disappears. During the first month I lost 14 kg! Once a month, I had an appointment with my dietician Anna for my follow-up. I felt safe thanks to the advice and encouragement of the entire team.

A new life

After a few months, I started to play sports. I started with water aerobics to avoid too much effort because I had never trained before in my life. At first, I was completely exhausted after a session but now I feel good, rested and full of energy! Then I decided to venture into real life and start working. I found it very entertaining and most of all very nice to feel helpful. I had not felt this satisfaction for years !! And all that I owe to my decision to lose weight!