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Jörg (45 years, Germany) : -16.5kg in one year


I discovered the Eurodiet method thanks to my GP. I started in phase 1 and I followed the method until phase 4. It took me about 1 year and I lost 16.5 kg! Before Eurodiet, I tested other methods of weight loss, I played sports, I took hungry cuts ... But what I particularly like in the Eurodiet method is its seriousness and the fact to be followed medically. The results are in ! And what's more, I did not feel hungry or tired.

Quality service and products

I am really satisfied with the services I received during my weight loss program, both in terms of medical follow-up and customer service. About the products, it is true that I found their tastes uneven but there is a lot of variety and they are very well presented and very practical and easy to use. I absolutely recommend the Eurodiet method!