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Eurodiet Campus

Eurodiet Campus

Very flexible to use, e-learning is of interest to train and inform doctors to the Eurodiet method. This tool is accessible from any computer via the internet and allows having courses at your own pace whenever you are available. Of course, if there are questions, it is easy to send them to us and we will respond as soon as possible.


e-learningSpecifically, to be closer, we have developed an on-line e-learning platform with short modules that will enable you to better:

  • understand the risks of obesity and overweight for your patients
  • understand the physiological and scientific foundations of the Eurodiet method
  • learn and understand the 4 phases of the Eurodiet method
  • prescribe and use the Eurodiet method in your daily practice with patients.
  • Or simply expand a particular point.

The benefit is that you become the player of your own training and information. You can independently manage your training / information. The platform offers flexibility and is adaptable according to your availability (time, place). You can move at your own pace independently.


For further information concerning this topic or to inquire about training, contact us.