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Fad diets

Every Spring sees the flourishing of any number of dieting crazes. These are the days of fad diets galore, in the best "Miss Dietista" fashion! "Fast weight loss guaranteed... just use a fork and only eat fat-free yogurt (even faster with Yop!)..." This sort of nonsense just shows how unscientific most of these unsupervised diets, or should I say "savage" diets, are.

The mind boggles in front of such apparently limitless imagination: grapefruit diet, raw diet, forking, alcorexia, baby-food diet, full-moon diet, soup diet ... The problem is that these fad diets are hazardous for health.

The very serious British Dietetic Association (BDA) has denounced the food poisoning induced by self-administered diets. The French health, food safety, environment and work Authority, the ANSES, cautions people following unsupervised diets against the risks they are putting their health at (Dr Atkins' diet, chrononutrition , Dr Cohen's diet, Dr Dukan's diet...)

So, sorry Miss Dietista, but wonder diets do not exist! So, if you want to lose weight, don't waste your time, money and health on these fad diets and ask for support from a trained health professional who will help you achieve your goals and boost your self-esteem.

What about you? Help yourself and others by sharing your experiences.

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