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The first step

It often starts with your best friend slyly asking if you haven't, maybe, put on just a little weight recently... It's true that weight does have this nasty habit of creeping in on you. It remains unnoticed until friends start dropping subtle hints, or your doctor lectures you on how much better your blood-cholesterol levels, your BP, your painful knees (tick where relevant) would be if you just lost a few kilos. There is a Chinese proverb that says: "The most difficult part of a long journey is the first step!". Indeed, it is not always easy to overcome one's apprehensions: "I wonder what these products taste like? " "How can this programme fit in with my working hours?". Because everyone is unique and because motivation is essential to achieve weight loss, your motivation also needs encouragement.

I really enjoy my food. I appreciate good cooking, even if a little rich sometimes. I like to vary flavours and tastes and need good-sized helpings. Meals are important to me: it's not only a matter of feeding myself. Pleasure counts. And there, I must admit that being assisted by a healthcare professional, as advised by my GP, is certainly essential. As my doctor said: "Appreciating the motivational status of a patient, adapting one's support accordingly and making the most of self-efficacy are crucial steps towards successful changes". In short, success mainly depends on you, of course, but it is definitely much easier with the support of your Doctor.

What about you? Help yourself and others by sharing your experiences.

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