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Mental Profiler : Doctor's Section

Mental Profiler : Doctor's Section

The ultimate tool for an improved psycho-behavioural management of weight loss

Properly regulated feeding behaviours aim to balance intakes & outputs and maintain stable body stores. It is the disruption of this homeostasis which results in excess weight.

If we are used to treating energy-related disorders by prescribing dietary and health-promoting measures, gaining access and correcting the underlying psychological disorders, often deeply embedded in the unconscious, might prove more difficult.

mental-profiler Indeed, if the presence of psychological disorders, such as anxiety and depression, do enhance the patient’s adhesion to his or her diet, unless properly addressed, they are also liable to reduce the likelihood and long-term sustainability of weight loss. There are several types of obese patients, each with their own psychological profile which will have an impact on both compliance and the extent of their response to weight-loss therapy.

These psychological disorders unconsciously trigger noxious treatment-resistant eating patterns, which need to be treated adequately in order to increase the chances of weight loss and, more importantly, its sustainability. However, all do not require psychiatric care; on the opposite, the special relationship which develops when a patient asks you to help him or her to loose weight is ideal to approach these delicate issues, provided you have the appropriate keys.

The Mental Profiler® software developed by Eurodiet aims to optimize the diagnostic process prior to behavioural care and follow-up. This software provides the therapist with a global diagram summarizing several psychological evaluation scales, all connected with excess weight.

This diagnostic tool also integrates therapeutic features for an easy monitoring of the psycho-behavioural components of weight loss, namely some practical-data cards and a hierarchized operating procedure to process results.

We give you the means of offering your patients more than plain dieting, the usual and immediate response to excess-weight symptoms. The adapted responses suggested by the Mental Profiler® will help you detect and treat the true causes of these symptoms, thus contributing to sustainable and successful care.

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