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Motivation Profiler: Doctors' Section

Motivation Profiler: Doctors' Section

Your “motivation to change” tool

To help your patients change their lifestyle, one of your best consultation tools remains education. However, for your teaching to become effective, “gates” need to be opened from within, i.e. the changing process has to be initiated by the patient.

Persuasion starts with assessing the patient's level of motivation: what stage has he/she reached? The second stage consists in using self-efficacy feelings as an indicator to initiate motivation-enhancement work at the appropriate level for his/her stage. This approach has two main objectives: promote a rapid progression within the changing process and reinforce the patient's feelings of self-efficacy.

Eurodiet offers you an expert online system based on validated questionnaires so that you may easily identify at which stage your patients are, their degree of confidence in their ability to lose weight and their risk of relapsing.

Practical tools are then selected by the software according to the results of patient analysis. These are designed to help you monitor the progression of weight-loss related motivational components.

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