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Diet Profiler: Doctors' Section

Diet Profiler: Doctors' Section

Your weight-loss diagnosis and management tool

Which Phase should I select? How many products does this patient need? Is my patient suffering from lean-mass deficit? From fluid overload? How much did he weigh when I first saw him? How much weight has this patient lost? Is the quality of this patient’s weight-loss satisfactory? Is there any contraindication for this patient to start a Phase 1 programme?

Diet Profiler will answer all these questions and many others. It will enable you to monitor your patient’s slimming and stabilization process by supplying you with all the data you might need you optimize your nutritional care.

Diet Profiler can be accessed from any internet connected computer. Patient data are ultra-protected:

  • Secure website
  • Encrypted data
  • All data are saved and replicated to guarantee smooth functioning

Once the relevant anthropometric data have been entered, Diet Profiler will allow you to follow the progression of indexes and, more importantly, become a valuable diagnostic aid enabling you to give truly individualized care. Weight-loss quality is easily visualized with the graphic displays which can be printed out for patients to take home.

Coupled with the Mental Profiler, its psycho-behavioural motivation counterpart, the Diet Profiler makes nutritional follow-up easier, thus making time for the essential part of your care, i.e. quality relationships.

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