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Similarly to fashion, dieting has its trends. Apart from the hare-brained diets mentioned above, we have to admit that some things have changed for the better in the world of dieting.

Among these improvements figure:

The adaptation of diets to individual needs: because each person is unique, needs differ from one person to another and must therefore be carefully assessed to avoid unbalanced meals and deficiencies in vitamins and mineral elements. This is the first and essential step on the road to safe, successful and health-promoting weight loss.

The multiplicity of foods, textures and flavours to chose from makes it so much easier to stick to your diet! Frankly, what is more boring and discouraging than eating the same thing at every meal for days on end? Being able to make up varied meals according to your moods goes a long way to sustain determination. It is important to "listen" to your moods and feelings because healthy eating involves learning to recognize what your body really needs.

The recognition of the emotional and psychological dimensions of weight loss: slimming also depends on your motivation, your degree of self-esteem, the presence of eating disorders or plain anxiety. Health professionals can detect and treat these and other individual issues as well as encourage and support you.

Slimming is not an insignificant process so don't fall for these miracle cures or auntie’s latest fad diet, ask your GP about it!

What about you? Help yourself and others by sharing your experiences.

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