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ANNA (Germany) : An effective journey


I wanted to lose weight because I took it during my pregnancy and it is very difficult to lose it afterwards. I tried many methods that worked very well during the first two weeks and then returned to my starting weight. Before the pregnancy, I weighed 79 kg and then took 6 kg and despite the gym, being still with the baby has considerably reduced my freedom of action. In the end, things did not improve and the imbalance between my weight and my height became more and more important.

On the way to the weight that suits me

I searched through the clothes and gestures to hide my weight problem. I tried many diets, unfortunately without success until by chance I fell on the site Eurodiet and suddenly everything went very quickly. During the first two months, I lost 10 kg, without even realizing it. I also started to play sports, first once a week and then three times a week at the gym. And this way in three months, I lost 16.5 kg in total! And I must say that I am very satisfied with the follow-up, every time I have a question, there is an interlocutor to answer me! To this day, I continue to play sports and feed myself according to the lessons learned. I can only recommend this method of weight loss to all!