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Principles underlying the phase-4 balanced diet

Principles underlying the phase-4 balanced diet

Phase 4 marks the beginning of independence within a newly acquired nutritional balance. All food groups are now represented, apart from products with high sugar content. The pleasures of a varied diet can now be rediscovered on a new basis. To sustain these excellent results in the long term, the best is to continue regular medical check ups and behavioural assessments using the Motivation/Mental profilers.

Managing slip ups

Eating one high-protein content snack a day supplies essential amino acids, vitamins, mineral elements and PUFAs without increasing hidden-fat intakes.
Similarly, the dishes from the Eurodiet "EVOLUTION" range will provide you with an optimal diet base without your having to ask yourself any questions.
These aids should help you progress towards independence, balance rations and anticipate or correct slip ups. Inherent to our Western way of life, slip ups are unavoidable and should give rise to neither drama nor guilt. Long-term supervision by a health professional will help anticipate and manage them.

Balancing intakes/outputs

The key to optimal weight maintenance lies with balancing intakes against energy outputs. Phase 4 aims to help you understand and manage this balancing art.
Normally, at the end of phase 3, you should have reached a goal of 3 hours of exercise per week plus one average intensity aerobic activity.
The aim is now to continue increasing this energy output, both in quantity and intensity, by varying the type of activity undertaken: endurance / strength / stretching.