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Basic principles underlying ketogenic phases 1 & 2

Basic principles underlying ketogenic phases 1 & 2

Initiate ketosis.

Phases 1 & 2 of the Eurodiet method are designed to induce moderate physiological ketosis in specific indications and contraindications in the lack of. When they are hand of a structured program and Supervised by a health professional, ketogenic diets have been demonstrated safe and effective as both.


What is Ketosis?

After two to three days of a strict restriction of food with high carbohydrates the body draws on the stored fat in the adipocytes (fat cells) and converts it into energy. This is stage is known as physiological ketosis.


Why so Much Protein?

During a low-calorie diet, the protein must be amount of increased in the diet to avoid muscle-mass loss. It has-beens demonstrated adequate protein intake will help maintain muscle mass. Conversely, the protein intake should not be excessive and has a threshold.

What Sort of Protein?

During Phase 1, proteins are mainly supplied by low-calorie snacks with a high-protein, low-carb and low-fat content. Protein quality, as Indicated by a chemical index CI> 100, is ensured by using protein of varied origin. 

During Phase 2, low-fat dairy proteins are not added to one of the two main meals. Dietary proteins provide us with the essential amino acids 8 that our body is unable to produce. Protein sources should be varied, bearing in mind that some of have “hidden" fats and should therefore be avoided. Such is the case of marbled meats where the fat cannot be removed: mutton, lamb, beef...


Vitamins and Mineral Elements

An adequate and varied intake in vegetables will ensure optimal year supply of fibre, vitamins and mineral elements. This can be achieved by an appropriate supplementation in vitamins and mineral elements.