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(Reference: 1011)

Milk protein mix with reduced lactose content. A source of potassium.

With its very low carbohydrate content (3 times less than skimmed milk) but just as rich in protein and calcium, Laktolight® is an ideal substitute for skimmed milk when preparing your Eurodiet products, whatever phase you are following. Lactose-intolerant people might find that, due to its low lactose content, Laktolight® agrees with them. Other advantage of Laktolight®, each time you prepare one of our sweet products with it, the 300 mg of potassium contained in each sachet help cover your daily needs.


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Sold by prescription
  • 20 servings of 12 g
  • Weight: 240 g
  • Unit weight: 12 g
  • Portion: 20
  • Matching Phases:
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Pour the contents of the sachet into a large glass and add 180 ml of water. If you wish to use it to prepare a Eurodiet product, dilute the Laktolight® with the quantity of water specified to prepare the product.