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The first step

It often starts with your best friend slyly asking if you haven't, maybe, put on just a little weight recently... It's true that weight does have this nasty habit of creeping in on you. It remains unnoticed until friends start dropping subtle hints, or your doctor lectures you on how much better your blood-cholesterol levels, your BP, your painful knees (tick where relevant) would be if you...


Similarly to fashion, dieting has its trends. Apart from the hare-brained diets mentioned above, we have to admit that some things have changed for the better in the world of dieting. Among these improvements figure: The adaptation of diets to individual needs: because each person is unique, needs differ from one person to another and must therefore be carefully assessed to avoid...

Fad diets

Every Spring sees the flourishing of any number of dieting crazes. These are the days of fad diets galore, in the best "Miss Dietista" fashion! "Fast weight loss guaranteed... just use a fork and only eat fat-free yogurt (even faster with Yop!)..." This sort of nonsense just shows how unscientific most of these unsupervised diets, or should I say "savage" diets, are. The mind boggles in...

Dieting with a healthcare professional

Not a week goes by without some "wonderful" or "miracle" diet hitting the headlines, upstaging major political decisions, international developments, economic concerns or football results! There is a plethora of ecstatic articles on the weight loss of this or that celebrity, or the personality change and recovered figure of some politician. These magazines usually also praise the latest fad...

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