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LUCA (34 years, Italy) : -20kg in 45 days!


After trying many diets with which, in most cases, I had a short-lived effect, Dr. Pucci told me about the Eurodiet method. From the beginning, the method seemed clear and well structured and I also had a good dose of motivation (my hip problem that was accentuated with my weight gain). This method makes it possible not to feel the hunger and to have results already visible in the first weeks which pushed me to go further to reach the objectives that I had set myself.

The solution to my problems

With the 4-phase method, my weight loss is not only perfectly followed from a medical point of view, but also easy to manage in my daily life.

I weighed 104kg, not only did I manage to lose 20kg in just 45 days, but I also feel much less tired than before and at night I no longer suffer from sleep apnea.

In addition, thanks to the dietary advice that I had during my diet, even after I am able to continue to feed myself in a healthy way, without making the mistakes of the past. Compared to other diets, Eurodiet has changed my life.

I advise the Eurodiet method to anyone willing to lose weight in a short period of time and with guaranteed results.